Podcast Boutique is co-owned and operated by Sonia Dhillon. Sonia is a multi-skilled, highly adaptable writer, who has been creating engaging and impactful marketing content for over 10 years for a variety of mediums. Whether that be for blogs, articles, social media posts, podcast shownotes, etc. Sonia has mastered the skill of matching the tone and voice of each client she has worked with, allowing for intentionally curated content. Along with an extensive writing portfolio, Sonia also has a background in psychology, marketing, and research.

Podcast Boutique is co-owned and operated by Max Graham. Max is a Canadian recording artist who has been releasing commercial chart topping dance hits and mix cds for almost 20 years. He also created and managed his own 300+ episode podcast and FM radio show (syndicated in over 50 countries) since 2005. Max has been nominated for a Juno award and had a UK top 10 hit with his 2005 remake of Yes’ 1983 hit record “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”. Since retiring from touring in 2017 Max has been post producing podcasts for such heavy weights as NBC and Grow The Show.



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