Do you outsource your editing?

While Max has an assistant editor based in Brazil, every single episode is proofed and processed by him personally. The concept behind “boutique” is that we aren’t interested in growing beyond the ability to personally take care of our clients. In the same fashion while Sonia has an assistant writer she works with, every shownotes goes through her. We don’t outsource your content to low quality freelancers, it all goes through us personally to ensure top quality. 

What is your process to save me time?

Once you’re done recording, you upload to Descript and then strike through (ignore function) any content you don’t want in the final episode. Just broad brush removal to cut your episode down from 60 to 45 minutes for example (You leave all the mistakes in as we take care of that). You would also  mark your passages for audiograms and quote cards as well as short form video by simply leaving comments in Descript.

Then you fill out a simple form tailored to your specific package and you’re done.

We then receive your form (a work order essentially) and our team receives their tasks and gets to work right away. If we have any questions the team member working on those specific assets will contact you directly in your private dedicated slack channel. Then your assets are placed in a your Google Drive inbox folder so you always know where to find things. 

What don't you do?

We are not a creative agency, so we don’t make creative decisions for you such as your audiogram or intro quote, colours on your graphics or music choices for your voiceovers for example. Anything that is a creative decision we ask that the host or the producer choose that before it comes to us. The best analogy is, we are builders not architects, we take your plans (templates / arrangement / creative choices) and build them to be as high quality as possible saving you hours of time, but much like builders we don’t decide what type of kitchen counter you want or what colour to paint your bathroom, that’s the architects job. So if you want new artwork designed you would liaise with a designer then send those templates to us for weekly production. We can certainly give feedback on things like music but those things are best decided by you and your growth coach (If you’re a GTS client)

This allows us to focus on high quality assets turned around very quickly and consistently for all our clients. 

How long does it take to turn around a show?

Most work can be done in 48 hours, 7 days a week. If you need an emergency rush just let us know. Of course we do stress the importance of being a couple of weeks ahead of schedule but we understand that isn’t always possible.

How do you manage communication and sharing?

We use Google Drive and Slack. You’ll have your own private Slack channel where you can communicate with the whole team directly (video, graphics etc) to streamline your production and revision process. All files are shared through Descript or Google Drive.

Are you able to remove my dog barking?

Any sound that occurs at the same time as a voice, on the same channel, will unfortunately be very difficult to remove. We can help setup your recording with tips and best practices (turn off those phone dings!) before you record to ensure you sound as good as the pros!

How long does editing actually take?

A quality basic edit takes minimum 3x the length of the conversation. We listen to every second and when we find a distraction or mistake we stop, remove it surgically making sure the cuts are smooth, then rewind a few seconds and listen to make sure it’s seamless and the conversation flow stays intact. If it doesn’t sound natural we’ll try a different technique to clean it up and repeat the process. If there’s many cuts during a short period we rewind even further to listen to the whole statement or section to be sure the edits are undetectable and the natural flow is maintained. There’s no way to do this other than slowly and carefully. 

Can you make a Skype call sound like Joe Rogan?

Unfortunately there’s no magic button to make a poor recording sound like a professionally recorded podcast. The single best way to achieve a great recording is to record the source material in a proper environment with professional equipment. That being said there are a few tricks to making a skype type call easier on the ears for your audience and we can help you achieve the best result. 

If you’re wondering anything that’s not covered here please email us and we’ll reply asap (24 hours max)