Along with professional sounding audio and detailed shownotes... These are the graphics and video assets we currently create for our clients

Our team comprises a full time graphic designer as well as a dedicated video editor. Along with the below assets we can create full length video, blog post and website headers and more, all with the branding to your exact specifications. 

Reels (Captioned Short Form Video) for Instagram Stories / TikTok / Facebook or any Social Media Promotion

After marking a section you want in Descript, we extract the video, proof the transcription and create a captioned short for video for promoting your show on your social channels. 


Audiograms are a short moving video using a audio quote that you simply mark in Descript that you can then share on your social channels.

Quote Card

You simply mark a quote of your choosing in Descript and we create a card for posting on your social channels. This can be fully customized to match your branding. 

Cover Art / Episode Thumbnails

Using your template we adjust your art weekly to reflect your topic / guest.

New Episode Image

Similar to the quote card, this asset announces a new episode for your social channels. 

We can also create custom sizes for website headers and blog posts.

Long Form Video for YouTube

These videos are provided to us either as is (zoom call) or with minimal content editing in Descript. We then trim the video, add the intro / outro stinger and graphics overlay then render. There’s no editing by us which keeps the costs for you down. If you want full length WITH extensive editing (bringing the person speaking to full screen) please get in touch.