The following are the best option/settings for OBS

OBS will allow quick and easy solo recording with video and audio. 

Download here -> OBS (Open Broadcast Software) click here to download

After you install it and launch if for the first time, you’ll see this permissions page, be sure to grant access to Camera and Microphone

  • Run the test when prompted and choose “Optimise for Recording”
  • When the option pops up during install, set recording to 1080p
  • Once that is finished, add your microphone by clicking the three dots next to “Mic” – Be sure the levels are around -3db, you can adjust in the future when we run some tests together.
  • Choose your correct mic from the dropdown
  • Now we need to add your camera, this is done by adding a “source” by clicking the plus sign
  • Then click “video capture device” (Camera)
  • Create New (Name it whatever you want) and click OK
  • Add your Camera from the dropdown and you should see yourself right away
  • Make sure the volume is down for the camera and any other device other than your mic. 
  • Now each time you want to record, all you need to do is open OBS (all your cam and mic settings will be saved), click “Start Recording” then “Stop Recording” when you’re finished. No need to save, that’s done automatically and the video is placed in your videos folder, you can see where it’s stored by clicking “Settings”
  • Couple more settings to change. Open Settings again and click “Output” and you’ll see the path where your videos are being saved, you can click “Browse” and change that to whatever you want and as soon as you click “finish recording” your video will be waiting for you there.
  • One last change in settings is the “Recording Format”. Change from MKV to MP4