Examples of Our Work

Reels and Shorts for Instagram/TikTok/YouTube and more

We add Captions, Edits, B-roll Footage, Music and lots of movement to ensure the most reach with sites like Instagram and TikTok. The days of the boring Audiograms are over, you MUST have Reels with movement or no one will see or care about your posts. Also as you have direct access to your video editor in Slack, adjustments can be made in almost real time!

Shownotes for SEO, Blog Posts

and Podcast Descriptions

Click the artwork to see the shownotes on Spotify

(Click the artwork, then click "show more")

Quality Shownotes are a critial asset for any successful podcast. Not only does it provide a quick reference for listeners to see the topics discussed, but it also provides easy access to the important resource links. Not to mention the SEO aspect means more people will see your episode based on searches. We also format the links specifically so they work on Spotify and YouTube.

In Slack you'll be working directly with your writer to tailor your shownotes to your exact style and preference.

Audio Editing and Engineering

We listen to every second of your episode and removes mouth noises, filler words, stutters, stumbles, repetitions and anything that doesn't lend itself to a sublime listening experience. We also lower and fade loud breath (never remove), mitigate any background noise and most importantly, give you real time feedback on how to improve your recording technique to avoid anything that affects you sounding commanding and professional.

No Software or AI app replaces the human ear when it comes to natural sounding edits and pacing

Watch as we edit, fix pacing and clean up cross talk in the video below. This leads to you and your guest sounding smarter, more commanding, professional and concise.

Long Form Video for YouTube, Vimeo etc.

If you record video for your podcast, we will take your video and add a graphic overlay with your logo and episode info, your stinger, intro / outro music and seamlessly blend it together so it's upload ready for YouTube. The quality of the actual video is dependent on your camera and lighting setup, something we can help with also as part of our included coaching.

"Advanced" YouTube - This includes graphics, animation and movement

"Basic" YouTube - This includes a graphic overlay and intro / outro but no animation and minimal editing.

Graphics Packs

No episode is complete without graphics to post on socials. From your episode cover art to a quote from the episode. Or simply an announcement that a new episode is ready. We can make sure all your graphics are updated and ready for you each week.

Max was awesome. He gave us advice whenever we needed it, he did a ton of research for us and went the extra mile to give us the best possible podcast. We had no clue what we were doing and he had an awesome music/editing background and was able to give us all kinds of recommendations. I highly recommend Max for any sort of post-production work.

- Bourna Poursheikhani - Agriculture Adapts Podcast

Max is a master of his craft, an amazing communicator, and an overall wonderful human. It was a pleasure working with him and I would recommend him to anyway who has a high standard but worry they won’t be able to find someone to meet it.

- Jakub Kubica - The Daily Marketer