Why a good microphone is so important when podcasting.

A good microphone is an essential piece of equipment for any podcast. It is the primary tool that allows you to capture high-quality audio, which is crucial for creating a professional-sounding podcast that listeners will enjoy.

One of the biggest benefits of using a good microphone is that it can greatly improve the overall sound quality of your podcast. A high-quality microphone will pick up your voice clearly and accurately, without any background noise or distortion. This can make a huge difference in how your podcast is received by listeners, as poor audio quality can be very off-putting and make it difficult for people to stay engaged with your content.

Another important aspect of a good microphone is its ability to reduce background noise. Podcasting in a noisy environment can be a major challenge, but a good microphone can help to eliminate background noise and keep your audio clean and clear. This is especially important if you are recording in a public place, or if you have pets or children running around in the background.

Finally, using a good microphone can also help to boost your confidence as a podcaster. Knowing that you have a high-quality microphone will give you the peace of mind to focus on delivering your message, rather than worrying about whether your audio is good enough. This can lead to a more relaxed and natural delivery, which will help to keep your listeners engaged.

Overall, investing in a good microphone is an important step in creating a professional-sounding podcast. Not only will it greatly improve the overall sound quality of your podcast, but it will also help to reduce background noise and boost your confidence as a podcaster. So if you’re serious about podcasting, be sure to invest in a high-quality microphone.

Here at Podcast Boutique we suggest the ATR2100 on the low end at about $80 at Amazon (link here) and the SM7B at the high end at about $500 (Joe Rogan, Grow The Show, any top end podcast uses this mic) more info here

We also recommend avoiding trendy mics that are well marketed but don’t sound great like the Blue Yeti and the Snowball. The ART2100 is made by Audio Technica which has been around since 1962 and the SM7B is made by Shure that has been making mics since 1925 (almost a hundred years). In comparison the Blue Yeti is made by Logitech (a computer peripherals company, not an audio company)