Elevate Your Podcast and reclaim Your Time

Every minute you spend editing and creating assets is time that should be spent focusing on content, networking, guesting on other podcasts and growing your show. The ROI on outsourcing your production in time, ease, the quality upgrade of your show and it's assets, is critical to your success.

Max is my go-to podcast post-producer. I’ve tried countless, and even after 5 years and after growing my own podcast audience past 30,000, he’s still my number 1 choice. I can’t recommend him and the Podcast Boutique team highly enough.


How We Help Clients

Our team specialises in everything you need to reach the widest audience, appear the most professional and put your assets in the top 1% of podcasts out there.

Audio Podcast Production

Instead of wrestling with tedious software, let us clean up your recording. We remove all mistakes (umm,uhh, cough, mouth noises, gaps, coughs, stutters), clean up as much background noise as possible, remove distractions, room echo and anything that detracts from your show. We add music, intro/outro, voiceovers, ads and upload to your portal of choice, saving you hours of time a week. We also consult with you regularly on your recording technique to improve your source material, we advise on gear purchases and make sure you look / sound amazing.

Content Production

A podcast killer is uninteresting content, we listen to your raw recording and trim any fluff to ensure your show is as concise as possible (cutting 60 min down to 45 for example). We provide shownotes including a summary, bullet points for key topics and links / resources for you and your guest. As well as creating five title options for you to choose from. We learn your voice and take that weekly grind off your plate. We also choose your short form content as part of the shownotes process, proof and prepare the dialogue for video editing, and publish everything to the portals of your choice.

Video and Social Assets

You're already recording a podcast, likely over video, so maximise your presence in the algorithm of Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube by using that video content. We take your video files, frame each speaker into a graphic overlay with logos and branding and upload to YouTube (along with shownotes and titles, if that's part of your package). No podcast is complete without short from video content to promote your episodes. We create clips from your show, add captions, movement, b-roll and graphics to ensure you find reach on social media.

What a relief! Podcast Boutique has taken a huge load off of me and given me more time to be with my family which is invaluable… and the work they do has dramatically elevated the production quality of my show. I feel lighter and am excited about cranking out more episodes knowing that I have the A-team putting the finishing touches to make it sound, read, and look awesome!

Sarah Lorenzini - Rapid Response RN

Client Feedback

Get in touch today to discuss a package that works for you and reclaim your time to focus on what you do best!

After trying 3 different production companies I am SO GLAD we finally found Podcast Boutique.They are seriously awesome! They do great work with quick turn around times, but my favorite thing is the oversight they give us on our podcast content and quality. They REALLY care about your show and go above and beyond helping you ensure its the best it can be. 10/10 recommend them!

Mike DeHaan - Collecting Keys Podcast

Working with the Podcast Boutique has been a game changer for my podcast! Max is extremely knowledgeable, timely, and efficient — and on top of that he is extremely easy to work with! Their turnaround time is faster than any company I’ve worked with and the final product is nothing shy of perfection. 10/10 would recommend!

Meg Ellis - Create Your Fate

Max and Sonia have helped me take my podcast to the next level. Listeners this season detected a noticeable upgrade in the clarity and sound quality. The show notes are thorough and sagacious. They are insightful, professional, and lovely to work with.I highly recommend them for your post production podcast support"

Jennifer Wallace - Trauma Rewired

Max is a consummate audio professional—knowledgeable, skilled and a great communicator too! He always provides helpful insights into how to make both recording and editing easier for podcast hosts and it’s been an absolute pleasure working with him. He’s lightning fast too!

Luyi Kathy Zhang, MD - The Purpose Filter

I am SO happy with your editing. I have gotten compliments on the sound from my guests and listeners and I am so grateful to you for the excellent job. I also think the shownotes are fabulous and I have been able to take them and turn them into an email to my list each time as well, so that just saves me so much time.

Rebecca Lauderdale - Belonging In The South, A Guide For Mistfits.