Short Form Video for Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube Shorts and Facebook is critical to promote your podcast. We create reels from your episode, add captions, movement, B-roll footage, music and a branding end screen. These can be as wild or subtle as you want. We can use footage from your podcast or recordings you make specifically to promote the show or upcoming event. The choice is yours. 

Short Form Video for Social Media

Quality Shownotes are a critial asset for any successful podcast. Not only do they provide a quick reference for listeners to see the topics discussed, but it also provides easy access to the important resource links. Not to mention the SEO aspect which helps more people will see your episode based on searches. We also format the links specifically so they work on Spotify and YouTube.

In Slack you'll be working directly with your writer to tailor your shownotes to your exact style and preference.

It’s been an incredible experience working with Max. Not only has he saved me tons of time but his knowledge has been huge in helping our podcast sound the best it can. Max is super easy to communicate with and we have such a smooth workflow going that it feels like he is part of our in-house production team. Worth every penny!

- Ryan Bell - Construction Disruption Podcast.

Working with Max was an absolute pleasure. He managed to interpret my request and deliver extra value by making suggestions to improve the project even further. And he did all of it quickly and professionally on our deadline, despite a quick turnaround time.

- Amy Townsend - True Crime Recaps

Long Form Video for YouTube, LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK.

If you record video for your podcast, we will take your video and add a graphic overlay with your logo and episode info, your stinger, intro / outro music and seamlessly blend it together so it's upload ready for YouTube. The quality of the actual video is dependent on your camera and lighting setup, something we can help with also as part of our included coaching.

"Pro" YouTube - This includes more intricate graphics, animation and movement

"Basic" YouTube - This includes a graphic overlay, intro / outro, as well as audio improvements

Audio Editing and Engineering

We listen to every second of your episode and remove mouth noises, filler words, stutters, stumbles, repetitions and anything that doesn't lend itself to a sublime listening experience to increase retention. We also lower overly loud breaths, mitigate any background noise as well as give you real time feedback on how to improve your recording technique to avoid anything that detracts from you sounding commanding and professional.

Watch as we edit, fix pacing and clean up cross talk in the video below. This leads to you and your guest sounding, professional and concise.

Below we do a comparison of a restoration on some audio in a noisy room with a lot of reverb (also referred to as "echo"). Best heard with earbuds.