Everything you need to have a successful Podcast

Save 20 - 30 hours a month and receive higher quality assets than self producing. All you do is record and we'll handle everything else. This package includes the following:

  • Production - We download your files, add them to Descript, content edit your conversation**, choose, edit and proof your short form content and create multiple titles for you to choose from.

  • Audio (Up to 1hr***) - We assemble your conversation and the relevant parts, clean up any background noise, listen second by second and remove all distractions (filler words, mouth noises, stutters, stammers, long gaps, distracting sounds). We then engineer the audio to sound pleasing on the ears to reduce ear fatigue and increase retention.

  • Shownotes - We listen to your entire episode and built a description, summary, bullet points for key topics and add links and resources to be sure you and your guest are promoted and connected.

  • Short Form Video - We choose, proof and export two 30-60 second clips from your episode, then our video editor adds captions, movement, stock footage, emojis, music and a branded end screen to each one. These work perfect to promote you show on Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and more.

  • YouTube Video - We take your recording, upgrade the audio, add intro / outro / stinger and a graphic overlay. We place each channel (person speaking) into the frame, export and upload to YouTube.

  • Upload and Publish - Your Audio, Shownotes, Youtube and Titles are uploaded to the portal of your choice and YouTube, then scheduled to go live at the time of your choosing.

  • Regular Consultation - When we notice something that can be improved we give you feedback and make suggestions. Examples are improving your mic technique, recording setup and interview style. We want you to sound amazing at the source before it even gets to us.

  • 48 Hour Delivery**** - Industry Standard is 72 Hours. This gives you more time so you're not rushing or stressed.

  • No Contract or Retainer - While we have an agreement to set expectations, there's no contract tying you to future payments, you can cancel anytime. We stand by our work and are confident you'll be happy with the service. We also don't take any retainer, like a netflix membership you are billed at the start of every month only for the services for that month, nothing more.

  • 5th Episode for Half Price - In months where your publish day occurs 5 times, the 5th episode will be billed at 50% of the episode rate, or $225.

  • Rush Turnaround - While other companies charge you $100-$150 extra for last minute turnarounds, we understand that life gets in the way sometimes and we are happy to rush deliver 1 episode every two months. If it happens more frequently there will be a $50 charge to return it within the 48 hour window from delivery.

"REcord and forget" package - $1800

per month, 4 episodes*

*5th episode added when necessary at 50% of the monthly episode rate | **Content Editing means listening to your raw conversation and removing content such as small talk, editing long winded answers for brevity, and overall making the conversation more concise and succinct. This increases retention by only keeping content that makes your episode shine | ***Audio over 1hr is billed at $50 per 15 minutes | ****48 hours is the minimum, we do suggest you submit with more time to spare for revisions and unforseen events.

Prices and packages

A la carte pricing

We can customize a package to exactly what you need. Below are our single asset prices. Get in touch so we can review your needs and build a package that suits you perfectly. 

Audio Podcast Production

$200 / episode

Up to 1hr*

  • Compile recording with intro, outro, music, ads, voiceovers and anything else required

  • Remove background noise, hiss and hum as much as possible.

  • Balance volume of all voices.

  • Clean up all Descript content edits.

  • Second by Second editing to remove distractions such as "umm", "uhh", repetitive filler words (ya know, like), mouth noises and anything that shouldn't be there.

  • Gap editing and adjustments to both keep the pace up and maintain a natural conversational flow.

  • Engineer the audio to be as pleasing on the ears as possible to avoid ear fatigue and achieve maximum retention from your audience. We remove harsh frequencies and shrill voices to ensure it sounds great.

  • 48-Hour Delivery***

  • 2 Total Revisions.


$150 / episode

Up to 1hr**

  • Download your files from Riverside or your recording portal of choice.

  • Compile recording in Descript to content edit.

  • Choose and Isolate sections for social media.

  • Edit and proof social content to prepare for short form video captions using Descript

  • Create shownotes by listening through and creating a description, summary and bullet points for key topics.

  • Consult with you to learn your voice.

  • Add and format resources and links for both podcast portals and YouTube.

  • Create 5 titles for the episode for you to choose from.

  • You'll be invited to the Google Doc to review and edit shownotes.

  • We will upload and format titles, shownotes and audio to all your portals and YouTube.

  • 48-Hour Delivery***

  • 2 Total Revsions.

Long Form Video

$100 / episode

Up to 1hr*

  • Compile your video files with intro, outro, stinger and end screen.

  • Fit each file (person) into a graphic frame overlay complete with your branding and logos

  • Upgrade and clean audio

  • Render and upload to YouTube

  • Update and add thumbnail to YouTube

  • Set to private or schedule based on client preference.

  • 48-Hour turnaround

Short Form Video

$100 / episode

2 videos up to 60 seconds

  • Access client's Descript where short form video has been selected from their episode.

  • Proof and edit the text for the captions.

  • Export to video, add title, captions, stock footage, music and movement

  • Add a thumbnail freeze frame.

  • Add a animated branded end screen with socials and logo

  • 48-Hour turnaround

advanced videO

$150-300 / episode

Up to 1hr

  • Consultation on camera and lighting

  • Edit your video to change angles, zoom and movement.

  • Add moving animation and text that accentuates and highlights key points in the conversation.

  • Add stock footage and B-Roll.

  • Upload to YouTube.

  • Price varies based on length and requirements.

  • 7 Day Turnaround

  • 3 Revisions.